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Here is our very own widget that you can configure and embed on your own website or blog. You can give your users access to information on the electrical supply in any country along with recommendations for which travel adaptors are best to take with them to any destination around the world.

  • Information is delivered in a new tab or window (dependant upon user preferences) so that they never leave your page.
  • Now fully updated to work on mobile devices
  • Currently supports users from the UK and USA

Just follow the simple steps below to configure the widget to fit seamlessly on your page and we will produce a short piece of code that can be copied and pasted onto your website.

Step 1 - Choose widget colour
Click in the box to the right and select a colour or type a hexadecimal value directly into it.
Click here:
Step 2 - Choose text colour
This will affect the title text. Again you may select a colour or type in a hexadecimal value.
Click here:
Step 3 - Preview your widget
The widget that you see on the right of this page is fully functional so you can take it for a test drive.
Step 4 - Get your code

The final widget is sized 280px x 145px and you can paste the code generated straight onto your website or blog. We welcome your comments and suggestions so feel free to leave us some feedback and please read our terms of use.

If you would prefer to link to one of our pages directly you can find instructions to generate the relevant code on our link to us page.


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Tip: If you are not located in the UK or USA just click on the picture that shows your domestic plug or socket / outlet type and we'll know what you need.

Alternatively if we do not support your specific plug / socket types yet you can close this and view the site with default settings.

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