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UK Shaver plugs are a bit of an oddity. They look like a European 2 pin plug but are in fact derived from the obsolete 2 pin 5 amp plug used in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s. It has 0.2 in (5.08 mm) diameter pins 5⁄8 in (15.88 mm) apart. Due to the slightly larger pin size a European type C adaptor will not suffice and a dedicated adaptor is needed.

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Most shaver adaptors these days will also accept European type C plugs and American type A as well. They are also the perfect adaptor to use for an electric toothbrush.

European shaver socket
European shaver socket 
The UK shaver socket is the only type of electrical socket allowed in bathrooms. They are safer than an ordinary socket because they contain an isolating transformer. As this does not share the same, common earth as the rest of the circuits in the house it is less likely to give you a shock if you drop your razor in the sink.

The sockets are often designed to accept unearthed CEE 7/16, US or Australian plugs as well and commonly supply both 230 V and 115 V (so that our American friends can use them).

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