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Travel Adaptors for Europe

The majority of countries in Europe (see the exceptions) use a type C unearthed socket and either a type E or F earthed socket. Type E sockets have a male pin which fits into a hole in the plug whilst type F, commonly known as Schuko, have two earthing clips on the sides of the plug. Plugs that will fit both types of socket are common.

A US to type C/E/F adaptor will cover most of Europe (see the exceptions) but the supply is generally 230 V 50 Hz so you will need a transformer / voltage converter unless your devices are specifically marked as being compatible (look for a marking along the lines of 100 - 240V 50/60Hz which may be on the power supply).

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Multi-plug Adaptors

As we place more reliance on electrical items such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras than ever before it is becoming ever more difficult to find enough places to plug them all in. It can be particularly frustrating when older hotel rooms only give you one socket and it is positioned out of reach behind a bed or under a table. The solution - get a European multiplug adaptor. These are a fantastic idea, the best ones are high quality, earthed, surge protected, have on board USB and allow you to plug up to six appliances into a standard extension strip - plenty of capacity for all of your gadgets.

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Worldwide (Universal) Adaptors

If you are traveling to multiple countries you may want to consider a universal adaptor which will allow you to connect to a variety of different sockets. Some of the better ones include connectivity for Switzerland and Italy as well so can save you money if you are going on a European tour.


The following countries have their own, distinct plugs and sockets and will need their own, specific adaptors:

United Kingdom
Plug / Socket Types in use in
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

  Type C Socket used in Europe
Type C Socket

  Type C Plug used in Europe
Type C Plug

  Type E Socket used in Europe
Type E Socket

  Type E Plug used in Europe
Type E Plug

  Type F Socket used in Europe
Type F Socket

  Type F Plug used in Europe
Type F Plug

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