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You can find suitable UK transformers here

UK Visitor Adaptors

These adaptors are suitable either for appliances purchased abroad or for when you have visitors turn up and find that they can't plug their electrical items into a UK socket. Whilst it is quite possible to buy country specific adaptors it may make more sense to get a multiplug adaptor or universal extension lead that will be compatible with many different types of plugs. They're pretty cheap and many will convert most American, European, Asian and Australian plugs to fit a UK socket. The exception is the European Schuko plug which needs its own adaptor due to the way that it makes the earth contact.

Whilst an adaptor will allow you to physically plug in an appliance it does not change the voltage or frequency of the supply. UK voltage is currently specified as 230 V +10% / - 6% at 50 Hz. Please check that any appliances that you plug in are compatible. 120 V Appliances (such as those made for the American market) are likely to be damaged and may catch fire if plugged into a UK socket without a suitable transformer.

Japanese Devices

It is worthy of a mention as many Brits like to get hold of hi-teck devices that are not released onto the UK market. Japanese voltage is 100V and many of their domestic appliances are set at that voltage. The UK runs at 230V so you would need a transformer to operate these devices. The temptation is to use a transformer designed for use with American products but these operate at 120V, not a big difference but it is still enough that Japanese devices may not function properly and could be damaged. The answer is to buy a special Japanese transformer.

Recommended Adaptors

You can find suitable UK adaptors here

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