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Travel Plug Adaptor for Brazil

There are multiple socket types used in Brazil (A / B / C / I / N). However the standard one fitted since 2010 is the type N socket. As this is a relatively recent standard you may be faced with any one of the sockets pictured to the right so you may be wise to consider a decent worldwide adaptor that is a single unit capable of connecting to multiple socket types. Unfortunately none of the worldwide adaptors that we have come across are capable of connecting to a type N 3 pin socket so if you have critical equipment you probably need a dedicated type N plug adaptor as well, particulary if it is earthed.
Type N Adaptor
Type N Adaptor   

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Please be aware that whilst a travel adaptor will allow you to physically plug a UK plug into a different socket it will not change the voltage or frequency of the supply.

Voltage - Multiple voltages are in use in Brazil . It is essential therefore that you check what the voltage is locally before you plug in an appliance. In some countries different sockets are used for the different voltages but this is not necessarily the case so always check first. UK appliances will generally operate satisfactorily with a voltage anywhere in the range 220V - 250V. If the local voltage is in the range 100V - 127V you will need to check your appliance for compatibility. Some appliances are marked 100 - 240V either on the equipment itself or the power supply (if it has one). If it is not marked as able to accept the local voltage do not plug it in! In order to operate incompatible appliances you will need a transformer.

Warning triangle Frequency - The frequency in Brazil is 60 Hz which is slightly higher than in the UK (which operates at 50 Hz). In practical terms this makes little difference as most travel appliances will run at either frequency. Some items with motors, such as hairdryers and some clocks will run a little faster than intended but it is not likely to be problematic. Check your device - it may say 50/60 Hz which indicates that it is compatible with either frequency. If you are in doubt or have expensive equipment check with the manufacturer first as some equipment may be damaged by running on an incorrect frequency.

Special considerations - "Type I is becoming common for 220 V outlets and appliances in 127 V areas. Dual-voltage wiring is rather common for high-powered appliances, such as clothes dryers and electric showers which tend to be 220 V even in 127 V areas. Depending on the area, the exact voltage might be 115 V, 127 V, or 220 V. The A, B and C types are sometimes together (flat with rounder ends and ground pin) so that an A, B or C type can be used. Also note that by Jan 1st 2010, Brazil converted to the IEC 60906-1 international plug (type N) which looks similar to type J but is not compatible. Since then, all devices shall comply with new standard."

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Please note that while we take great care to give the best advice available our recommendations may not always be the most suitable for your particular circumstances. When you travel as much as we do you come to realise that some countries just don't know how to stick to the rules! Please use our recommendations responsibly and do some extra research on the particular area that you are travelling to if necessary.

Plug / Socket Types in use in

Voltage: 127 V / 220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz Warning triangle

Type A Socket used in Brazil
Type A Socket

Type A Plug used in Brazil
Type A Plug

Type B Socket used in Brazil
Type B Socket

Type B Plug used in Brazil
Type B Plug

Type C Socket used in Brazil
Type C Socket

Type C Plug used in Brazil
Type C Plug

Type I Socket used in Brazil
Type I Socket

Type I Plug used in Brazil
Type I Plug

Type N Socket used in Brazil
Type N Socket

Type N Plug used in Brazil
Type N Plug

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(3,287,612 sq mi)
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UTC -3 (-2 to -4)
Dialling Code:
Brazil Real (BRL)
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