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We travel a fair bit, mostly for business but sometimes for pleasure too. Put simply we were just plain frustrated by the amount of times we ended up half way around the world unable to use basic pieces of equipment that we have all come to rely on just because the plug wouldn't fit.

We thought the days of having to find a public call box and feed inordinate amounts of change into it just to talk to someone for a few minutes were over. But when your nice, shiny iPhone runs out of battery and you can't charge it because you packed the wrong adaptor it's no more use than a chocolate fireguard.

I suppose that you could say that this website is born out of frustration then. We did a lot of research to find and collate all the information needed and thought it would be selfish to keep it to ourselves. Hopefully you will find it useful and it may save you a few headaches.

I guess that there will be things that we have missed. If you find something that we haven't covered or if you discover a mistake please let us know and we'll endevour to include any information that you give us in the next update.

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