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Power Plug Adapter - International Travel - w/USB Ports Work for 150+ Countries - 220 Volt Adapter - Travel Adapter Type C Type A Type G Type I f for UK Japan China EU Europe European by SublimeWare

by SublimeWare

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  • [The perfect worldwide travel Adaptor] - use This universal power adaptor to 150+ countries, fits with us UK EU China outlets. This all in one travel Adaptor comes in one piece, and where many USB travel adapter comes in many pieces.
  • [Simultaneous device charging 4 devices] - This is the only travel adapter you will need! Dual USB is not enough these days, you need a power travel adapter that will charge two phones, a tablet and camera when you go travel. Get the 4 port USB power travel adapter today and save the headache. Compatible with: iPhone 7/7 plus, 6/6S, 6/6S Plus, 5/5S, iPad Air/mini; Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Note, Tab; HTC; Nexus; Bluetooth speaker headset; power bank and USB powered devices.
  • [4 Port USB international plug for travel] - multi USB port hub with 4 smart USB ports 2×2. 4a/2×2. 1a, at 3500mA. Charge up to four devices at the same time, which the ports automatically adapting the output for each one accordingly.
  • [Pin locking mechanism for secure plugin] - don't you hate when you press the pins sinks back into the travel adapter when you press it in the outlet? This universal travel adapter locks and unlocks the 8 pins securely into its fixed positions
  • ****[Please note] - This is not a converter between voltages. Make sure voltage on the outlet and are compatible with the electronics used or getting a voltage converter with this adapter


Looking for a high quality functional All in one travel Adaptor than look no further than the Sublime Ware 4 USB port travel Adaptor high functional design✔ charge 4 USB devices together! Because you know you need your gadgets when you travel. Now you can charge 4 separate devices together such as iPhone, laptop, MacBook, iPad, go Pro, DSLR camera, power bank. ✔ strong “lock in” mechanism to keep the plugin pins. Most cheap travel adapters have flimsy pins that won't stay in place. ✔ dimmed LED indicator that won't affect sleep safe to use✔ a high quality step down converter The safely converts 220V to 110V and vice versa without over heating ✔ high quality PC fire prove materials. Resistant to high temperatures this International power adapter and converter (UK/us/AU/EU plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly Visited countries, over 150 countries. Type C - most of Europe this socket also works with plug E, F and another countries include: Albania/ Austria/ Belgium/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria/ Croatia/ Cyprus/ the Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Estonia/ France/ Finland// Greece/ Hungary/ Iceland/ India/ the Netherlands/ Norway/ Poland/ Portugal/ Romania/ Serbia/ Spain/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ Sweden/ Turkey/ Ukraine, etc. Type G - UK, Hong Kong other countries include: Bahrain/ Belize/ Botswana/ Brunei/ Cyprus/ Dominica/ England/ Ghana/ Gibraltar/ Grenada/ Hong Kong/ Iraq/ Ireland/ Macau/ Malta/ Malaysia/ Nigeria/ Northern Ireland/ Saudi Arabia/ Scotland/ Singapore/ the United Arab Emirates/ Wales/ Yemen/ Zimbabwe, etc.

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