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Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming (Treating the Symptoms of Climate Change Book 1)

by Amanda Rothman

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Reviews for Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming

"We all need to get this book, read it, and then get it into the hands of as many people as possible. This includes big business, small businesses, and most importantly local, state and federal government officials."

"This book takes on a radical attitude towards our current crises, and is real food for thought.
‚ÄčIt moves away from the blame culture, currently so prevalent within the media, and puts forward an honestly thought out blue print for moving forward and tackling the problem of Climate Change."

"5 stars for the sheer audacity of 1 person trying to solve the biggest environmental challenge we face!"

Have you ever been frantic with worry about your family and friends after a hurricane or wildfire destroyed their homes?

Have you worried that all that we can seem to do so far is to debate whether climate change exists, whether it's mankind's fault, and whether anything should be done about it?

Have you felt despair because while all of this debate continues, you or your family or your friends are standing waist deep in flood waters?

Perhaps you're gazing out at your crops which are withering from drought?

Perhaps you don't feel safe drinking the water that comes out of your tap due to nearby fracking projects?

This book isn't a debate about climate change The facts described in nearly all of the global warming books takes care of doing that.

This book is about realistic solutions that can be implemented globally to treat the symptoms of climate change!
This is about a system that would enable us to act before the tragedies strike.

The system I describe in my book can help:

-Get flooding and drought under control

-Help prevent wildfires

-Begin to restore our melting glaciers

-Avert sea-level rise

-Leverage more accurate weather forecasting, and act before a storm hits

-Deliver clean water where it is desperately needed

-No longer depend only on underground sources of freshwater, allowing them to replenish themselves

-Extend humanitarian aid in a way that will help countries to support themselves instead of being forced to rely on charity

We can build a system that can help with all of these problems, and run it on its own renewable energy!
The system I've devised will take time and resources to build. But it also took time and resources to build pipelines to transport oil from the tar sands. And when those pipelines leak, the oil destroys land, kills wildlife, and cripples the livelihoods of the people living in that area!

Wouldn't it be far better to use our resources to support our population and to protect wildlife?

Wouldn't it be far better if this system can support itself with its own generated energy, and have the potential to also generate renewable energy for human use?

We're already taking steps toward increasing how much we use renewable energy. Now it is time for us to live more in harmony with our planet instead of sucking all of the resources out of it.

Ours is a rapidly growing population. Across our entire planet, humanity requires more to support itself.

Yet at the same time, we have developed enough that we can begin to support the land that support us!

I'm offering a real global solution in less than 100 pages! Ideas, not padding. Scroll back to the top and click 'Buy Now' to learn more!

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