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VCT WPS-UK 220-240 Volt Universal Power Strip Surge Protector with 6 Universal Outlets 13A Max. 3250W with UK Plug

by VCT Electronics

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  • Protect Computers and other Valuable electrical devices against damages from Harmful Power Surges and Spikes
  • This heavy Duty 220V/240V Universal Power Strip/Surge Protector Accepts All Plug Types - Upgraded Military Rating: 250V/13A 3250 Watts
  • 450 Joules, Response Time Less than 1 NanoSecond, EMI/RFI Noise Filter
  • Lighted Switch with 13 Amp Circuit Breaker Safeguards Equipment from High Current Overload
  • CE Certified. Highest Quality Product. Indoor Use Only. Hard wired with a grounded UK Style Plug. Total Outlet: 6


220V/240V POWER STRIP/SURGE PROTECTOR WITH 6 UNIVERSAL OUTLETS WIRED WITH UK STYLE PLUG. Protect Computers and other electrical devices against damages from Power Surges and Spikes Input Voltage: 220V/240V - For use in 220V/240V Countries Universal six-Outlet Surge Protector Strip, 4-ft. Cord, Six universal outlets Full Surge Protection Accepts plugs from any country Electrical Rating - 13 amps 250V 450 Joules Response Time less than 1 NanoSecond EMI/RFI noise filter Lighted Switch CE Certified Highest Quality Product. For Indoor Use Only 6 universal outlets - can take plug from any country Hard wired with a grounded UK plug.

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