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Type A Electrical Outlet
Type A Outlet

Type A Electrical Plug
Type A Plug

USA, Canada, Central America, Japan - Ungrounded

Type A (NEMA 1-15) plugs have two uninsulated, flat prongs with a hole close to the tip to increase grip in the outlet. The North American plugs are polarised, with the neutral pin being slightly larger than the live one. Japanese versions are unpolarised with two identical pins. A Japanese plug can therefore be used in an American outlet but the reverse is not normally possible. See type A adapters
Type B Electrical Outlet
Type B Outlet

Type B Electrical Plug
Type B Plug

USA, Canada, Central America, Japan - Grounded

Type B (NEMA 5-15) plugs have two uninsulated, flat prongs with a hole close to the tip and a circular ground pin. Less common in Japan. See type B adapters
Type C Electrical Outlet
Type C Outlet

Type C Electrical Plug
Type C Plug

Europe - Ungrounded

Type C (CEE 7/16) Europlugs have two insulated, round pins and are unpolarised. Common throughout Europe they will also fit type E, F, J, K or N outlets. See type C adapters
Type D Electrical Outlet
Type D Outlet

Type D Electrical Plug
Type D Plug

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Namibia - Grounded

Type D (BS546) plugs were the standard in the UK before 1962. They have 3 round pins and are rated at 5 amps. Type M has larger pins and is rated at 15 amps for use with larger appliances. See type D adapters
Type E Electrical Outlet
Type E Outlet

Type E Electrical Plug
Type E Plug

France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and Morocco - Grounded

Type E plugs have two round pins and a hole to accept the grounding pin located in the socket. Modern plugs are also able to fit type F sockets which ground on the sides of the plug. Type E sockets will also accept type C plugs. See type E adapters
Type F Electrical Outlet
Type F Outlet

Type F Electrical Plug
Type F Plug

Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe - Grounded

Type F (CEE 7/4) Schuko plugs have two round pins and two grounding clips on the side of the plug. It is unpolarised and rated at 16 amps. Type F outlets will also accept type C and type E plugs. See type F adapters
Type G Electrical Outlet
Type G Outlet

Type G Electrical Plug
Type G Plug

UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong - Grounded

Type G (BS 1363) plugs are rated at 13 amps and have 3 rectangular pins. They are polarised, insulated and fused. The sockets have are fitted with shutters which are opened by the action of the longer earth pin on insertion. See type G adapters
Type H Electrical Outlet
Type H Outlet

Type H Electrical Plug
Type H Plug

Israel - Grounded

Type H plugs have 3, uninsulated pins in a triangular form. Older style plugs have flat pins whereas more modern ones have round pins. Modern type H sockets will accept a type C plug. See type H adapters
Type I Electrical Outlet
Type I Outlet

Type I Electrical Plug
Type I Plug

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Argentina - Grounded

Type I plugs have two flat blades in a V configuration and a central ground blade. Ungrounded plugs are available but all outlets are grounded. The standard plug is rated at 10 amps but there are 15 amp and 20 amp versions with thicker pins. See type I adapters
Type J Electrical Outlet
Type J Outlet

Type J Electrical Plug
Type J Plug

Switzerland - Grounded

Type J plugs have 3 round, uninsulated pins with the ground pin offset 5mm from the live and neutral. Type J outlets will accept a type C plug. See type J adapters
Type K Electrical Outlet
Type K Outlet

Type K Electrical Plug
Type K Plug

Denmark - Grounded

Type K plugs have two round pins plus a ground spade. Type K outlets will accept type C, E and F plugs. See type K adapters
Type L Electrical Outlet
Type L Outlet

Type L Electrical Plug
Type L Plug

Italy - Grounded

Type L plugs (CEI 23-16/VII) have three pins in a line with the centre one being ground. They come in both 10 amp and 16 amp (with thicker pins) forms. It is now common to find universal outlets that may accept type C, E, F and L plugs. See type L adapters
Type M Electrical Outlet
Type M Outlet

Type M Electrical Plug
Type M Plug

South Africa - Grounded

Type M plugs (BS 546) are essentially a larger version of the Indian type D and are rated at 15 amps. They have 3 round, uninsulated pins. See type M adapters
Type N Electrical Outlet
Type N Outlet

Type N Electrical Plug
Type N Plug

Brazil - Grounded

Type N plugs have 3 round pins with an offset, central ground. They are insulated and polarised and come in 10 amp and 20 amp sizes. This type of plug was only standardised after 2007 and many other types are in existance. Type N outlets will accept a type C plug. Beware that Brazil operates both 220 V and 127 V and both use the typs N outlet - check voltage before you plug in! See type N adapters
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