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Travel Adaptor for Thailand

There are multiple socket types used in Thailand. There is no one type that is more common than any other so you may be faced with any one of the sockets pictured to the right. Under these circumstances the best recommendation that we can make is that you invest in a worldwide adaptor that is a single unit capable of connecting to multiple socket types.

Please be aware that whilst a travel adaptor will allow you to physically plug a UK 3 pin plug into a different socket it will not change the voltage or frequency of the supply. The mains voltage in Thailand is 220 V which is compatible with all UK appliances (UK voltage is currently specified as 230 V +10% / - 6%).

The frequency is 50 Hz which is the same as the UK.

Special considerations - Sockets in hotels and most buildings are usually a combination of types B and C which will accept plug types A, B, C and I, while outlets in older buildings are usually type A. Only Unearthed Type I plugs can be used in these combination sockets, earthed type I plugs will not fit. An equal proportion of appliances have type A or C plugs, or B if an Earth connection is required. Type F is mainly for high-powered appliances such as air conditioners, kettles and cookers. A 3-pin plug that only fits in B/C sockets is also seeing increased use, it differs from type B by having all the pins round.

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Plug / Socket Types in use in

Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

  Type A Socket used in Thailand
Type A Socket

  Type A Plug used in Thailand
Type A Plug

  Type B Socket used in Thailand
Type B Socket

  Type B Plug used in Thailand
Type B Plug

  Type C Socket used in Thailand
Type C Socket

  Type C Plug used in Thailand
Type C Plug

  Type G Socket used in Thailand
Type G Socket

  Type G Plug used in Thailand
Type G Plug


Please note that while we take great care to give the best advice available our recommendations may not always be the most suitable for your particular circumstances. When you travel as much as we do you come to realise that some countries just don't know how to stick to the rules! Please use our recommendations responsibly and do some extra research on the particular area that you are travelling to if necessary.
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