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Travel Adapter for Gibraltar

There are multiple receptacle types used in Gibraltar (C / G). There is no one type that is more common than any other so you may be faced with any one of the receptacles pictured to the right. Under these circumstances the best recommendation that we can make is that you invest in a worldwide adapter that is a single unit capable of connecting to multiple receptacle types.
Universal travel adapter
Universal travel adapter   

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Please be aware that whilst a travel adapter will allow you to physically fit a US plug into a different receptacle it will not change the voltage or frequency of the supply.

Warning triangle Voltage - The mains voltage in Gibraltar is 230 V which is incompatible with most US appliances (US voltage is currently specified as 120 V + /- 5%). Check any appliances that you wish to use carefully to see what voltage is specified. Items such as laptops will often specify "100 - 240V" either on the equipment or the power supply (if it has one). If not then you will need a transformer to operate your appliance. If it is not marked as able to accept the local voltage do not plug it in! It is extremely dangerous to attempt to operate appliances at higher voltages than they are rated for and may result in damage to the appliance, fire and serious injury to the operator

Warning triangle Frequency - The frequency is 50 Hz which is slightly lower than in the US (which operates at 60 Hz). In practical terms this makes little difference as most travel appliances will run at either frequency. Some items with motors, such as hairdryers and some clocks will run a little slower than intended but it is not likely to be problematic. Check your device - it may say 50/60 Hz which indicates that it is compatible with either frequency. If you are in doubt or you have sensitive or expensive equipment check with the manufacturer first as some equipment may be damaged by running on an incorrect frequency. Neither travel adapters nor transformers are able to change the supply frequency.

Special considerations - Type K was used in the Europort development by the Danish builders. Otherwise the United Kingdom fittings are used.

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Please note that while we take great care to give the best advice available our recommendations may not always be the most suitable for your particular circumstances. When you travel as much as we do you come to realise that some countries just don't know how to stick to the rules! Please use our recommendations responsibly and do some extra research on the particular area that you are travelling to if necessary.

Plug / Outlet Types in use in

Voltage: 230 V Warning triangle
Frequency: 50 Hz Warning triangle

Type C Outlet used in Gibraltar
Type C Outlet

Type C Plug used in Gibraltar
Type C Plug

Type G Outlet used in Gibraltar
Type G Outlet

Type G Plug used in Gibraltar
Type G Plug

At a Glance

Gibraltar flag
(2009 estimate)
7 km2
(3 sq mi)
100 %
neglibible %
Time Zone:
UTC +1
Dialling Code:
Gibraltar Pound (GIP)
Country Code:
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
Country Code:
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
Free Country Flags (Gang of the Coconuts)
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