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Travel Plug Adapter for American Samoa

There are multiple outlet types used in American Samoa (A / B / F / I). Type I is the most commonly found so a US to type I adapter should allow you to connect your appliances in many cases. If you want to be sure though a better option may be to invest in a worldwide adapter that is a single unit capable of connecting to multiple outlet types.
Type I Adapter
Type I Adapter   

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Please be aware that whilst a travel adapter will allow you to physically plug a US plug into a different outlet it will not change the voltage or frequency of the supply.

Voltage - The mains voltage in American Samoa is 120 V which is compatible with all US appliances (US voltage is currently specified as 120 V + /- 5%).

Frequency - The frequency is 60 Hz which is the same as the US.

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Plug / Outlet Types in use in
American Samoa

Voltage: 120 V
Frequency: 60 Hz

Type A Outlet used in American Samoa
Type A Outlet

Type A Plug used in American Samoa
Type A Plug

Type B Outlet used in American Samoa
Type B Outlet

Type B Plug used in American Samoa
Type B Plug

Type F Outlet used in American Samoa
Type F Outlet

Type F Plug used in American Samoa
Type F Plug

Type I Outlet used in American Samoa
Type I Outlet

Type I Plug used in American Samoa
Type I Plug

At a Glance

American Samoa flag
Pago Pago
(Jul 2006 estimate)"
199 km2
(77 sq mi)
100 %
neglibible %
Time Zone:
UTC -11
Dialling Code:
United States Dollar (USD)
"Samoan, English"
Country Code:
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
Country Code:
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
Free Country Flags (Gang of the Coconuts)
CC BY-SA 3.0
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